Thursday, March 19, 2009

When your child asks "Daddy, can we play that D&D game again tonight?"...

You reply, "Yes! Yes we can!" as fast as humanly (or demi-humanly) possible.

I was in our front den/office this morning, packing my stuff for work, when my son came in to see what I was up to. As we chit-chatted while I gathered my work crap, his eyes wandered to the stack of D&D Dungeon Tiles sitting on my desk.

"Hey Daddy? Remember that day we were gonna play that one game with the 'little green guys' and all of those little square pieces..."

"...but it was gonna take way too instead you got out those cardboard things that snap out of those pages...and we used them for our 'dragons and dungeons' guys?"

(little sister got in on the action last go 'round...wonder what she just rolled there...a crit?)

"Can we play some more of that tonight when you get home from work?"

Details (like which came first: the dungeon or the dragon?) and long-winded questions (genetics, I must admit) aside, ya gotta like the idea of a (barely) 5 y.o. diggin' on D&D, minis, tiles, and even goofy vintage TSR board games from "back in '81."

Anyway, with the speed of a 4e Archery Style Ranger quickdrawing his longsword/shortsword combo for a chance at an opportunity attack on a suddenly-adjacent foe (I really think that should be possible, BTW...some folks disagree), I exclaimed...

"Yes! Yes we can!"

His face just plain lit-up, but I bet not nearly half as bright as mine.

Thing is, he's really itching for me to bust out the Chessex Battlemat and markers too. He's a very creative little artist and I bet he could design some absolutely insane dungeons on that thing. Now that I mention it, I'm logging a quick reminder for myself to set that up for us tonight too.

Ah well, talk (and blog text) is cheap, so time to get down to some work here so I can bust outta here on-time...maybe even a little early. After all, based on our previous sessions here, here, here and here, I fear my son has a big battle in store for me.

I've created a monster! Isn't he just great?

"Yes! Yes he is!"


E N Shook said...

Ya got me smiling!

yoyorobbo said...

@ E N Shook:

Glad to hear ( it.

They make me smile 99.99999999989999% of the time too.

Gotta work on that 0.00000000010001%, eh?

More pics to come of those sessions, BTW. I have some of my boy's dungeon tile layouts. He created some pretty detailed rooms. Fun to see what they come up with all on their own. Put the tools in front of them and let 'em at it!

Thanks for the comment, E N.