Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Crossbows & Catapults: WALL-E, D&D, and Marvel style

So my son and I decided to take our typical Crossbows & Catapults battle and mix it up a little bit. We broke out the standard C&C set, but figured we'd get some new warriors into the ranks.

My son's all-time fave movie, ever-ever-ever-forever-ever, is WALL-E. Just check out the t-shirt. That's nothing. He has several t-shirts, socks, shoes, a backpack, a lunchpail, cups, plates, silverware, an alarm clock, and darn near all of the related toys and video games that have been produced to date. He also draws the absolute coolest sketches of him (WALL-E) and the whole gang of "reject-bots." He really does. I'll have to scan some and post them (proud Daddy, of course).

Anyway, so we gathered up some alternate plastic figs to use in place of some of the normal Knights and Orcs in the C&C set. He decided that the little plastic dudes from his Bag o'Bots were perfect for the job. He was right.

These things are actually pretty cool, as they are basically WALL-E (and friends) versions of little green army men.

Here are the "new" commanders WALL-E and Beautician Bot (the fig looks cooler than it sounds... let's go with the official name: PR-T...ha!), as they usurp the old leaders:

Here's a couple shots of some of them on the battlefield:

My camp:

My son's camp:

I also decided to grab a few quick vids of the action. These are pretty bad quality, primarily because they were captured using my (old) digital camera, and secondarily because my memory card was so full that I had to keep finding a pic here or there to delete, and then try to get a quick vid in...ah well.

Regardless here's my loving son informing me that due to his awesome shot at my tower's main gate, my fearless leader (perched atop the tower) just "catched-ed on fire!":

And here's my boy performing his patented "WALL-E Transformin' Bad Shot(s)":

He did redeem himself, however, with this totally lopsided assault:

After I gathered up my beaten and abashed battalion, we took it to another level entirely, and broke out some D&D miniatures and a little game piece from a Marvel Memory game. Enter the new-new leaders, my Hook Horror and my son's Young Silver Dragon (both from the Dungeons of Dread set), along with his 2nd-in-command, Captain America!

"Hey Cap, you think you guys are gonna win this round too?" From the looks of the two-thumbs-up and that goofy grin, I'd say that's a "YES!"

This is so much fun!

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Scott said...

That looks like the best Arduin campaign ever. :)