Friday, April 16, 2010

Anyone got a spare raise dead blog or resurrect site?... and maybe a few restorations while you're at it?

"I've fallen... and I can't get up!"

According to the historical log here, my last actual blog entry was on waaaaaaaaayyy back on Friday, November 13, 2009. Yikes! There's no specific reason for the downtime. Life just sorta got in the way somewhere along the line. I guess that happens every now and again.

Then along came rpg blog vet (and one of my all time fave bloggers around these parts) Jeff Rients, from Jeff's Gameblog. He sorta nudged my blog-corpse a bit, in a comment response to a comment I made on one of his recent posts, basically pouring a virtual potion of healing down my blog-gullet. So I guess I'll consider Jeff the group cleric in this one-shot here. I sure hope he's got the XP levels to pull this off. It's been so long though, that it might actually take a group effort. So gather around if ya would, please.

I hope to get back in the groove and post again here on some sorta consistent frequency. In the past I've gone from once every other week to a few times a day. We'll just have to see how it plays out I guess.

Please (limited) wish me luck. With your blessings, I just might be able to get this blog back on it's feet.

I'd really hate to have to resort to darker methods, ya'know?