Monday, February 9, 2009

a Dragon on the Freeway!

Is that Mornauguth? Gorbash? Beryllinthranox? Vermithrax? Norbert? Or is it just some generic Romanian Longhorn?


So a week or so ago, according to some traffic signs, we had zombies on the loose! And now a freakin' Dragon!?!?

All seriousness aside, when I saw this awesome (chainsaw) carving in this dude's truck bed, I just had to get up close and take a quick snapshot. I had a tough decision: snap a pic or grab a d20?

Granted the quality sucks, but bear in mind, it was taken with my phone, through a (embarrassingly) dirty windshield, on a dreary winter day. So in the end, it is what it is.

I still dug it. I was giggling like little dork when we finally reached the off ramp and came to rest at this stop light. Fun stuff.

Now that dude should sell those as minis, eh? That would be some serious tabletop coolness:

"You walk through the portal and into a massive cavern. Directly in front of you, perched on a stone throne, is an enormous behemoth...a massive Green Wyrm."

(DM operates crane to lower dragon carving onto table...THUD!!!)

"Roll for initiative!"


Sham aka Dave said...

Thta's one awesome chainsaw carving! Great pic.

yoyorobbo said...

@Sham: yeah man, I thought it was an awesome site too. I should have jotted down the dude's phone number instead of drooling over the dragon. Maybe I can still find his business with the info in the pic. I bet he has some sweet stuff for a cool Halloween party or something.