Monday, December 29, 2008

Crossbows & Catapults Update (and short pre-battle smack talk video)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I snagged a new copy of Crossbows & Catapults for son for Christmas this year. Here's a little (admittedly sucky quality - I'll blame it on the camera phone) video of the pre-battle smack talk from my precious little 4-1/2 y.o. son:

Well, we had our first battle the other night. It was loaded high with tons of AWESOME.

Of course we had some "issues", seeing how my son is only 4-1/2 y.o. Let's just say there were a few lessons in good-sportsmanship to be had that night.

The battle continued the next morning when his little sister joined the fight. She's 2-1/2, BTW. Ever hear a 2 y.o. little girl say the word "Orcs?" OMG!

After my boy overcame the learning curve of moderating/limiting the pull-back on the catapults (too much and they fling out of the room!), he did begin beating me to a pulp. Once my little girl got in them mix, she beat the smack outta him. So...the way I see it, if we could harness the power of a newborn, we'd have the supreme commander of our C&C army! MMUUHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

(Anyone have a newborn they could lend us for an afternoon? We'll give 'em right back...SWEAR!)


Spike Page said... Sis is an ORCS-supporter?


Sorry,little Knights-dude..I'm just representin' my peeps!


But on a less sillyful note, I think it's great that you play with your kids, teach them good sportsmanship, and the joys of the good ol' unplugged eighties.

yoyorobbo said...

Hahaha! Yeah looks like she's an Orc lover. Me too, actually. I mean, sure I'm a true Pally in my RPG past (and present), but these Orc figures are waayyy too cool looking. Especially that Orc leader holding the severed that's got to be rated "E for everyone"... right?...RIGHT?!?!?!?

But yeah, the playing with the kids thing...that's what makes it all worth it. Life is good. Life is verrrryyyyy good!

Plus, it gives me an excuse to play with this stuff again. I have a whole freakin' room of stuff for these kids, as they get old enough for it all. I can't wait to DM them thru their first D&D module.

yoyorobbo said...

BTW, I should mention that folks such as GeekDad and the Chatty DM have really inspired me to take the time to play with my children in ways which I can combine fun RPG/fantasy/sci-fi aspects.

Of course I always have and always will play with my kids, but doing so with the use of fantasy related toys and ideas is extra cool.

Chatty DM has some great bedtime roleplaying that he is doing with his son and now his daughter too. It's very basic (yet perfect for the age group)introductory RPGing built into bedtime stories. It is very, very cool and I totally salute him on the idea and the great fatherhood he shows with his examples. Here's some links:

And Geekdad had a great article on roleplaying with your kids using "Fuzzy Heroes." I snagged a copy of the books and plan to do some of that soon too. Here's a link to that:

So, again these two were great inspiration for me and I hope to do more of it soon.

I should do a blog entry on them, as they have shown me so much. Soon, soon I will.