Friday, January 9, 2009

Pretty Frakkin' Funny (a quick BSG s1-4 video recap)

I saw these vids posted over at Topless Robot. That post credits TOYSREVIL, where a 3rd vid is posted (an extended trailer for the season 4.5). They are most likely posted in a trazillion other places too, but anyway here they are again, from YouTube:

Part 1:

with these these kooky narrations:

(1:33) - "they frak cylon-style and her spine lights up"
(2:24) - "Starbuck and Apollo like each other so they beat each other up"
(5:31) - "Apollo just gets fat, waiting for something to happen"

Part 2:

with these gems:

(0:37) - "she spends alot of time painting and acting bitchy"
(0:51) - "Chief thinks Cally off'd herself, so he shaves his head"
(3:43) - "they're BFF so Adama gets mad...and sad"
(3:47) - Apollo grows a pair"
(4:42) - "two knuckledraggers"

In summary:
(4:51) - "What the frak?!?!?"

I can't wait for season 4.5, but my poor, overworked, eternally-96%-full DVR sure can.

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Mark Peters said...

Here's a piece on the language aspect of the show:

Hope you enjoy!