Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Labyrinth Lord & Mutant Future stuff...in my own backyard!

I meant to babble on about this a couple months back, when it happened, but alas stuff happens. At any rate, I snagged a real (or perfect) bound copy of "Labyrinth Lord", as well as "Mutant Future." I also have the PDFs of both games, from my first look at these games/rules, but the real copies are so niiiiice.

I got these bound copies from a local business that specializes in printing and gaming: Guild of Blades Publishing Group. I actually just found this shop via drive-by, and saw a window sign that stated "We Buy Games." Well, so do I! So I figured they might also sell the ones they buy...win-win.

As soon as I entered the shop I saw LL and MF on their shelves. Awesome!

So, I snatched them up immediately, along with some "Fuzzy Heroes", "The Lost Toys", and some KoDT Hack! card game decks...great stuff.

I figured I could also order it from Lulu, Amazon, or even Barnes & Noble, but if I could buy it right then and there, and support a local gaming business in the process, then it was a no-brainer.

Now, many folks around the wonderful blogs that I read (see my profile for a ton of really nice ones, not to mention the front page here that only scratches the surface on cool blogs you should visit) have played one or both of these great games (LL and MF) and have given them rave reviews. A couple specifically that I know pointed me to these great products are Jeff's Gameblog and Grognardia. Jeff Rients (from said Gameblog) has several posts in which he discusses and reviews LL, so you should go poke around his blog as I am far too lazy to find them all for you here. Ah heck, here's a little help with that search. Same goes for James Maliszewski (over at Grognardia), but I will point you to a specific review he did of Mutant Future. He has many more articles regarding these games throughout his excellent blog. There are many other fine blogs that probably have pointed me in the Goblinoid Games direction. They are all in my bloglist. You should check every single last one of them. ;>]

I personally have only participated in a little Play-by-Post gaming using the LL rules (or really the Moldvay Basic/Expert worked too, but it was posted as a LL game), so I can't really give them their due review. I will whenever I get some good time in one them though.

I love Moldvay/Cook/Marsh Basic and Expert D&D and I also dig 1st, 2nd and even 4th edition Gamma World, so I know I already like Labyrinth Lord (B/E merged copy, almost), and I have a very good feeling that I will love Mutant Future too, seeing how it's basically LL with a Gamma World twist....sorta.

I plan on snagging some (if not all) of the modules they have produced for LL. Sadly, I haven't seen any for MF yet. Of course, seeing how these are very familiar rules, you can use pretty much any of your favorite early modules too. I have stacks and stacks of those (don't we all?) but I'd still like to get some of the new ones published for these games.

Two more sites for you to check out, if you haven't already: Uhluht'c Awakens (a blog by Daniel Proctor, the creator of LL, and co-creator with Ryan Denison of MF, himself) and Brave Halfling Publishing (a blog that features modules and other aids for LL and other games). They (BHP) also have the very cool looking "Kids, Castles & Caves" RPG for youngsters too. I hope to get to try that out with my kiddies someday.

Anyway, if you haven't checked these out yet, then you absolutely must. Get the pdf versions (here: LL & MF) if you wanna get a quick look. Then snag the real deal (bound) forms, if you really dig them. Heck get the hardcovers! I just might.

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