Tuesday, December 9, 2008

fun MEGO "Planet of the Apes" clips

These are great! The beloved MEGO action figures from the Planet of the Apes in various dramatizations.

The whole PotA phenomenon has received much love as of late, be it on the numerous excellent blogs I love to read (Greyhawk Grognard, for example), cable TV replays, talks of another Ape movie in the possible works, etc.

This one just had me mesmerized. Man, I loved those dolls...err...figures. My mom used to call them "dolls"...of course they were actually "action figures". I mean, no self-respecting 1st grade boy would play with dolls?!?!?!? Right?!?!?! Right?

I recall having most of the main players (Cornelius, Zira, Dr.Zaius, a few Soldier Apes, and the Astronaut) from the first series, and at least one (General Urko) from the next round. I also recall playing with the Treehouse and the Village. I think my friends had some more of it, or maybe they had a mix of what I think I had...dunno. But we all had some of the figures.

At any rate, here's a few more links to some of these "dolls":

Mego Museum

Mego Central

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