Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Great stars! They're unaffected by my Sword of Astral Light!"

I'd have to say that my fave magazine from back in '81 (-ish) was probably "Famous Monsters of Filmland." I still recall several exact times when, and places where, I flipped through the pages of some amazing issues of that mag. Of course the label "back in '81" needs to be relaxed a tad here and there, but it's the general idea that counts.

Anyway, along the same lines of "Famous Monsters" are the very cool spinoff graphic mags "Eerie", "Creepy", and even "Vampirella" (a tad racy for a 7th grader, but we won't tell anyone, right?).

I would include others here too, like "Savage Sword of Conan" and "Tales of the Zombie" as I have a bunch of those still too, and they were very, very cool. Heck, I even have some old "Doc Savage" and "Planet of the Apes" graphic (comic) mags. Speaking of those last two, check out this DocSavage/PotApes combo story from a copy of the French mag...very cool! Jeesh, I'm getting a bit off topic here...better save some of that for another entry, another day. In fact I will, someday soon.

So, to the matter at hand: " Sword of Astral Light!"

That sweet frame is from Eerie #121, from none other than (officially) "back in '81!"

The story is "Hunter and Darklon" and is full of Mutant coolness and "lords of light"-ness, ala Thundarr. Here's a couple other frames (excuse the sucky photography...I REALLY need to work on that):

First the "funny how?!?!?" scene from "Goodfellas":

And then a little fun with a (supposedly) "+5 Hockey Stick of Greater Mutant Bane":

Fun! Well, I guess I just like diggin' through these old issues and finding these gems. I've been on a bit of a Gamma World/Mutant Future kick as of late, so these really jump off of the pages at me, when I thumb through them.

Now, off to design that +5 Hockey Stick for my Mutated Alligator character that I'm rollin' with these days. I wonder if I can make it a "Hockey Stick of Astral Light"...hhmnnn.

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