Friday, October 24, 2008

"Legend of the Seeker" (TV series)...will it suck or will it *not* suck?

So, I've been searching for this series for my DVR (my poor DVR, gets abused so badly), under the title "Wizard's First Rule" (yeah, the book series "The Sword of Truth" by Terry Goodkind).

See, back a few months, an issue of Sci-Fi magazine had a rundown of all the new TV series and such that were sci-fi/fantasy/etc based, and this one was in it.

However, I never could find the darn thing, and it turns out that they have decided to go with a different title for the show, some say to avoid any issues with the whole wizard/witchcraft thing...whatever....sounds like a weak excuse.

At any rate, I finally saw this name change today, so I searched the listings for it, and it's coming soon...Nov 1st and 2nd, I gather.

It's supposedly exec. produced by Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Darkman, Spiderman,...Xena?). Turns out both Sam and Bruce Campbell (childhood buds) were born and raised in Royal Oak, MI...just a skip and a jump down the road from me

Here's a couple links to some previews of it, if you're interested and have not seen them yet:

And here's a rundown of the upcoming eps (at least according to wiki...which of course is gospel, right?:

Oh heck, while I'm at it, here's the freakin main site for the darn thing...jeesh!:

Now, some people like the books, some people hate the books...per usual in most of these cases. I have not read them at all before, so I have no judgment on them....yet. I always stopped at the shelf and gave them a quick backcover read, but never pulled the trigger on them. I have so many books that I'm halfway thru or am wanting to start, that I had no room for them in my Barnes&Noble bag.

I look at it like this: "hey, it's *Sword and Sorcery* (D&D-ish) I'm gonna watch it no matter if it sucks or does not suck."

I have no idea if this will suck or not, but I'm gonna give it a whirl regardless. I've watched (and still do watch) plenty of shows that suck...cuz sometimes things that suck are cool....ha!

"Bad as in *good*? or bad as in *bad*?"