Thursday, May 14, 2009

that "promo" Silver Dragon mini and some other sterling wyrms

I've been trying to stick with the (very) early '80s artwork in these recent posts (Otus, Dee, Roslof, etc), but man, I think I may have to turn in my pro-googler membership card after today's quest. I couldn't find a silver dragon by any of the real old-schoolers. I do like this work by Todd Lockwood though, so I guess I'll roll with that.

** EDIT **
Well, until I find a better scan or do it myself, here's what I wanted in the first place. I seriously couldn't find this darn thing online....jeesh! Ah well, here's Sutherland's Silver Dragon from the 1st ed AD&D Monster Manual (RE-EDITED: no longer in a horrendous yellow-orange hue):
Draco Nobilis Argentum

** END EDIT (and END RE-EDIT) **

Anyway, recently Jay asked in a comment about the Best Buy exclusive silver dragon mini that came with my Dungeons & Dragons: Complete Series DVD box set (the animated show), which I mentioned in this previous post on various Green Dragon minis.

I actually snagged the box set back when it came out, from a local Best Buy. They often have exclusive stuff with their box sets and special edition DVD releases. In this particular case the packaging included a clear plastic section sticky-tack'd to the top of the DVD box, containing this little silver dragon mini. It was labeled as a Best Buy exclusive fig. I've seen the box set at Best Buy recently, but the packaging is new. It is now in a black box (mine is the older red one) and this new version does not have the mini included. Weird.

At any rate, Jay asked for a pic of it, and I actually found one in my folder of shots I took when I was recently comparing some dragon minis (among other creatures) from various companies. Here's one I took of the Best Buy mini on the left compared to WotC's Young Silver Dragon from the Dungeons of Dread set...oh and that crazy old dude in the bathrobe snuck into the shot too:

If you've been following for a bit around these parts, you might recall that I've shown a couple shots of that bigger Young Silver a while back in a post about a heavily-modified game of Crossbows & Catapults with my son.

Regardless, you may have also seen them around in your gaming circles as WotC has released a number of silver dragons, including these beasts:

the Young Silver Dragon shown above in my pic:

the Large Silver Dragon from the Archfiends set:

the Medium Silver Dragon from the Underdark set:

Now the Best Buy mini, which is labeled on the bottom of the fig as "Knights of the Silver Dragon" 2004, was supposedly a promo for the young reader book series of the same name. As far as I can tell, and as you can see from the pics, it is just a renamed/relabeled version of the Underdark set's Medium Silver Dragon.

Googling like an archfiend myself, I also found a few more comparison shots of the Large Silver vs the promo mini. This pic is from Merric's D&D minis site, in the promos section:

I highly recommend Merric's site for some very nice info and pics on WotC's D&D figs.

Additionally, as a source of some of the other links/pics above, check out for some other good minis pics, stats, and other cool info. They are also a great resource for some awesome RPG loot in general. Just be prepared to part with those gold pieces...

"Come'on, I'm good for it. This is a Bag of Holding, dude!"


Jay said...

Hey thanks for posting! I kinda think that the young silver is the best of that bunch. But if I had the option of getting the DVD with or without a mini--WITH for sure!

Nice work! BTW, could the "silver knights" dragon be in reference to the Knights of Solamnia from Dragonlance? Maybe it's a stretch.

crazyred said...

You are doing God's work my son. Bless you.

yoyorobbo said...


No prob, bud. I took that pic of the two silvers a couple weeks back, but never thought of posting anything on it, until your comment.

I agree with you on the best silver in that group being the Young one. Weird sizing though IMO, with the Young one being quite larger than the Medium and the Large. Blame it on the steroids in the cattle these days, eh?

Also, the Solamnic Knights ref certainly makes sense. I went thru several pics of Huma and his Silver Dragon, El'liolle (Heart), among other pics from Dragonlance, including the nice one you have there of Laurana ...err Lauralanthalasa ...err the Golden General. Love that pic.

With this promo fig, they definitely were hyping the book series that I linked to. Although, I just realized that the link was bad. See I can't hit WotC links thru this firewall at the location I made the post, so I have to paste in in and hope for the best. I hope it works now, though.

At any rate, I have never checked out the book series, but maybe I will now that we're talking about it. It's supposedly a young-reader thing, but aren't we all young-at-heart?

Actually maybe something for my kids, in a couple years?

yoyorobbo said...


Uhm...thanks? I think.

Dude, I must reiterate here, I freakin' totally dig your site
(D&D Doodle).

Your artwork is amazing! I know I told ya so in some comment there back on the Fallcrest or Winterhaven maps posts, but I will say it again...AWESOME!

Alexander Man said...

This is great stuff! Brings back some memories from the golden 80's. Boy if we only had that random dungeon generator back then..!

yoyorobbo said...

@Alexander Man:

Hey, thanks bro! These minis of mine are very old, and very badly painted, but they do take me into the way-back machine, which I dig.

BTW, I went to your blog...uhm...I am so embarrassed to post any more minis...ha! Your painting is freakin' nutz, dude! Great work! I should just send my stuff to you let you show me how it's done. Jeesh! I have since joined your following, so I can continue to be embarrassed.

Thanks again, for the comment here, bud.