Monday, May 4, 2009

"Invisible Stalker" lead mini by Grenadier: Now where'd I put that darn thing?

Ah-ha! There it is...

So I took my son to a local gaming convention this past weekend: MichiCon 2009. It was held on the campus of Oakland University, here in Michigan, a pretty common spot for some of these local gaming/comic cons (well, besides the Motor City Comic Con...that's been in Novi, Mi for a number of years now).

At any rate, these guys (Metro Detroit Gamers) put on some nice get-downs, IMO. They are usually pretty quaint, but they had a particularly nice offering of tabletop fun this time around. There were several setups of wargames in some gaming systems I had not heard of, a couple rooms of RPGing (a Savage Worlds version of the TV show "Heroes" was one that stood out), and a few decent vendor booths to which I immediately flocked.

Overall we had a great time. My son got to see some pretty heavy duty miniature gaming in action, and we also got some pretty decent loot, and most of it was at a very nice (cheap) price. I may post some of it in a separate post, as some of you might dig a few specific items. But for now I'll just throw this dude some blog-love....ewwwwww!

Here's a little better shot of the intense and intricate detailing on this "Invisible Stalker" fig by Grenadier:

Silly? Yes. Fun? Sorta. Gotta have? Not really. Wanna have? Yep!

$1 later and he was mine. That may sound stupid to pay a buck for a little splat of lead... ok you're right, it is stupid. Still I've spent $1 in many, much more stupid, ways before, so I figured WTF?

See, I already have Grenadier's 1988(?) Comedy Lords box set in my collection, and allegedly this Invisible Stalker fig was a special free bonus fig? Dunno. I truly don't recall that being the case, but I found that claim as I was googling it. So as we all know, everything on "the internets" is true, so there we have it.

** EDIT **
I checked my own box set and insert sheet when I got home tonight, and it most certainly does state "SPECIAL BONUS INVISIBLE STALKER FIGURE" right there on the sheet, although it doesn't show this little base/fig slab that I pictured in the post here....weird.

It's seeming more and more familiar, as I think I read that a while back when I got this set, and just figured that it was a joke (ie, no figure, just that statement). It wasn't until I saw it at the con this past weekend that it started to jive.

Regardless, I'm glad to actually have it now, so I can box it with the rest of the set. Cool!

See?, the internets really don't lie. Really!
** END EDIT **

Anyway, here's a shot of the Comedy Lords box cover:

And here's the insert sheet showing the figs:

I don't recall the exact naming of each fig there, and I don't have my box/sheet in front of me at the moment, so I'll save that listing for another post or for a late edit. They do include some along the lines of "Halfling in Fullplate," "Half-an-Elf," "107th level Fighter," and "Napoleon Bony-Parts," to name a few. Again, those names may not be exact...I just can't remember and I'm tired of googling...ha!

** EDIT **

Seeing how I checked the insert sheet in my box set when I got home (see above edit), I figured I'd add the list of fig names, according to that insert sheet. Here they are, top row L->R, then bottom row L->R:
  • Half Orc Slime
  • Napoleon Boneyparts
  • Undead Gamer/Game Board/Undead Gamer
  • Half Elf
  • Armored Idiot
  • F19 Pegasus Fighter Bomber
  • Wererat
  • Halfling in Full Plate
  • 107th Level Fighter, etc.
  • Pizza Deliveryman

** END EDIT **

Anyway, some of these are very funny and cool, others are kinda just...well...dorky. I snagged this box a while back in some clearance sale, so maybe the "Invisible Stalker" was missing from the box set that I bought, or maybe he's still hiding in the foam packaging....hhmnn.....

Oh Stalker.....where are you?.....Stalker? STALKER!
You hit the invisible stalker.
You hit the invisible stalker!
You hit the invisible stalker!
The invisible stalker hits!
You die...


Anonymous said...

Love it! I want one too!!!

Max said...

Hey Yoyo, where in Michigan are you at? I grew up in Howell -- folks still live thereabouts.

yoyorobbo said...


If I ever find my original one (as I just checked the insert sheet inside my own box of these figs when I got home tonight), I'll send it your way, bro.

I'm gonna add an edit to the post, but the sheet does state "SPECIAL BONUS INVISIBLE STALKER FIGURE". So see?...the internets never lie...EVER!

Actually I am seeming to recall that note, and always thought it was just a joke, as that fig was not in my box....hhmnn. Ah well, it is now!

yoyorobbo said...


I'm in Shelby Township - northern DET suburb, I guess you'd call it. Although it's pretty darn north: 25 mile-ish.

I was born and raised in Monroe, went to college in Ypsilanti (EMU), lived there (Ann Arbor-ish), Northville, Southfield, Northville again, Redford, Waterford, and now Shelby.

I have some friends in Howell, Brighton, and Fowlerville. And I worked several years in Milford.

So who knows, maybe we have crossed paths. I wouldn't doubt it. Cheers!

TheGrouch said...

Check out this site.

There is a catalog image there of the Comedy Lords boxed set there that includes your invisible stalker.

Tupac Chopra said...

I found a Comedy Lords set at a flea market some years ago and bought it for some unreasonably low price. Though unsealed, the set was complete, including all the pictured figures, insert sheet, blue foam padding, and the invisible stalker footprints, exactly like the one you show in this entry. It's good to see someone else enjoying these things too.