Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jeff Dee's "Land of Umber Hulk Confusion" drawing: yep, more old lead minis stuff

"It's yet another in a long series of diversions in an attempt to avoid responsibility" - Chris Knight, 1985

As true as that description by one of my all-time fave characters in one of my all-time fave movies may be, this crap is still a lot of fun.

Here's a real cool drawing by Jeff Dee, from the pages of 1980's TSR AD&D module C2 The Ghost Tower of Inverness, of an umber hulk seemingly putting "the whammy" on some poor sap:

And here's me dorking around with some minis again, doing a very minimalistic representation of that scene:

The umber hulk fig is one of my favorites from the old collection, a Grenadier blister pack which contained this Umber Hulk and a Xorn. My Xorn still has his 3rd arm as a separate entity. In other words, I never attached the darn thing. Ah well, another project for another day.

The "poor sap" in my shot is the Fighter with Sword mini from the 1983 AD&D Fighters, Rangers & Paladins box set, a set which has rewarded me over and over again.

You may notice, from the back of the TSR box that this guy bears a strikingly resemblance to a popular TSR iconic(?) fighter. Here he is cropped from that back-of-the-box pic:

And here he is gracing the cover of 1986's The Book of Lairs, a book of short adventures by TSR for AD&D:

His name escapes me...anyone? How 'bout you there big fella?



Christopher B said...

Excellent! You hit the nail on the head with this one. (Love the Real Genius quote, BTW.)

yoyorobbo said...

@Christopher B:

Hehe...thanx, bro. Maybe the "unpainted" scam I pulled there works out ok after all. I mean, hey, the original is in black&white, right?...ha!

Anyway, thanks for the comment, bud.

Oh and yes, diggin' Real Genius? "It's a moral imperative!"

lokipan said...

I love that first illustration of the Umber Hulk.

yoyorobbo said...


Oh yeah, man. That illo rocks!

I recall as a young lad, being "confused" just by the multiple eyes thing of those baddies. No wonder that dude there is about to get ganked...he's trying to figure it all out too.