Thursday, May 7, 2009

Throwing those Erol Otus -esque figures a bone

My son really digs his Plasma Kreaps. And since we recently added those cheapo rubber/plastic Erol Otus -ish figs to our arsenal of cool crap to dork around with, he frequently creates some pretty fun scenes with them.

The other day he got all into tidying them up and packing them back into their original plasma, then stuffing that into their crate/egg, and finally stacking up the crates. I'm not sure where he gets this rare "must...clean...up" notion from, but when he does, he runs with it.

At any rate, it kinda seemed like he was done playing with them, and was on to something else, when I made a trip from the den/office to the kitchen for a beverage. He saw me coming and exclaimed,

"Daddy! Watch out for the crazy guys! They're all killin' the skeleton! Look!!!"

Now, although I did feel a slight urge to explain that the skeleton wasn't truly alive to begin with, but the time just didn't seem right to go into a whole dissertation on what it meant to be "undead." There's also that lesson on using bludgeoning weapons...then again, that depends on which edition you're I let that one slide too.

Anyway, I stopped in my tracks and stared open-jawed at the hideous sight of all four of these monstrosities muching away at our poor old boney friend.

Tonight's meal features...

Torso'd Salad:

Honey-glazed Hand:

Skulloped Potatoes:

and a slice of Coconut Cream Thigh:

So, anyone for seconds?


Meepo said...

Ya know, your last few posts have ROCKED. I love reading about you and your son having so much fun together.

My son, a fresh 6, will be there soon too.

Happy early fathers day to us both!

yoyorobbo said...


Thank you very much bro, for the compliment! Very kind words, indeed.

I know that some of these posts (especially the "toy" related ones) don't appeal to everyone, but it's so much fun for me to experience this stuff with my son. I never really imagined it would be this cool. Truly blessed, I am.

Sounds like you and your son are ready to get the ball rollin' too. Awesome! Have a blast with it in any form you can.

Just remember that these "games" that many of us "adults" discuss in these various blogs and other sites were most likely introduced to us at very young ages too. Certainly varying ages, if you polled everyone, but still.

Never too young, nor too old, to enjoy using your imagination, eh?

Troy Sterling Nies said...

Great blog!

Any idea of the brand identity for the Erol Otus-esque monster? I remember finger-puppet types nearly identical to those - I'd love to track them down but have had no luck!

yoyorobbo said...

@Troy Sterling Nies:

Oh man, sorry but I don't think there's any tracking these bad boys down to a manufacturer. I found them loose in a bottom shelf bin at a pool supply lie. Weird, but the store sold toys (mostly old stock that looked like it was dug up from a time capsule...which is awesome, BTW) and.... pool supplies.

I don't get the connection, but it's what they sell there.

I grabbed those mutated dino figs there, along with some of those big (5-6") plastic cowboys & indians figs... you know the ones that look a little bit like little green army men, but much bigger. Oh and I snagged one of the old AD&D toy figs - Kelek the Evil Sorcerer, NIB! Sweet! I guess that one got left behind from their stock room, back in '83?

Anyway, I'll take a closer look at the Otus-esque baddies when I get home. Maybe there's some company/manufacturer markings on them somewhere. We'll see.

Oh and BTW, in case you missed it, here's the original post I made when I first got those goofy figs:

"Erol Otus -ish plastic/rubber figures"

Glad you dug the goofy figs. I sure do. The idea of them in finger-puppet form is even more disturbing. MMUUHAHAHAHA....