Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trampier's "Giant Frog vs (insert tiny humanoid-ish type here) " drawing: more lead minis reenactments

So lately I've been dorkin' around with some old school D&D/AD&D illos, trying to recreate the scenes depicted in them (in very, very simple form) using old lead minis, newer plastic minis, kid's toys, etc. Well this one here basically slapped me in the face and said "Hey punk, recreate this!"

Yep, it's a goofy one alright. A nice little ditty though, by Dave Trampier, from the 1st ed AD&D Player's Handbook, in the spells section.

This kooky pic has befuddled even the most 'nardish grognards (and BTW, that's a compliment fellas...hehe). The discussion over there at GROGNARDIA covers every angle from what type of creature the little dude on the right actually is (elf, halfling, hobbit, gnome, pixie, brownie, etc) to what the actual scene is supposedly representing (temporal stasis, time stop, shape change, etc). The post and it's comments are a very fun read, and I highly recommend you check it out.

At any rate, for the purposes of this dorky little post here, let's just say some little generic demi-human thug just said some very nasty things about a certain giant frog's mother. Here's some fun I had reenacting the scene with a Giant Frog mini (love those oxymorons) from the WotC D&D Deathknell series and a heavily used and severely abused old lead Halfling Thief from the Grenadier Thieves box set from their AD&D Solid Gold Line:

Sadly, the frog in my scene isn't quite the pouncer, but he certainly looks like he's diggin' that halfling... err... pixie... err ...whatever.

"Pucker up, buttercup!"


Christopher B said...

For me, that giant frog mini you chose always calls to mind this illustration from the Monster Manual.

Either way - very cool. :D Keep 'em comin'!

yoyorobbo said...

@Christopher B:

That is one awesome pic! There really are so many good illos from the good ol' days, eh?

Ya'know, it kinda looks like that is the next frame in the sequence. First the pounce, then the engulfing.


Nice one, bro.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I really miss the 1st edition art. That was one of my faves.

yoyorobbo said...

@Darius Whiteplume:

Yeah, I guess it wouldn't go over these days with the masses, but man it'd be great to see it come back full circle, eh?

I dig the fact that Goodman Games and several of the "other" RPG companies are keeping that stuff alive, and Kenzer too, with Erol Otus doing the cover for Hackmaster Basic? Wow!

Anonymous said...