Monday, May 11, 2009

Three Green Dragons: Papa, Mama and Baby?

As noted at the end of a recent post here on some Papo figs (dragons and various goblinoids & humanoids), I snagged a couple other dragons, including Papo versions and other makes too.

Here's a shot of two of the newest wyrms in my growing collection, alongside one I've had for a while now:

So left->center->right we have:

I've had the WotC little guy there on the left ever since the starter set came out, but the Papo and the Safari are recent buys. They are great prices too, like $5 - $6 or so. IMO, that's quite a deal. I'm sure they can be had even cheaper if you search online, but I just grabbed them from a local doll/toy-soldier shop. Gotta support the local scene, ya'know?

Also, as I mentioned in my chat about the "breathless" Papo Blue Dragon, I plan on doing a little surgery on this Papo Green, de-flaming him. After all this is D&D, where any respectable Green Dragon breathes chlorine gas, not fire. Of course certain other applications and various literary works would disagree, but for the uses this mini will see, he needs to lose the flames.

I am already in search of a decent little plastic representation of a lightning bolt for my Papo Blue mod, and now it looks like that quest just grew to include some gaseous form...ewwww.

Next will be the major mod of painting a (2nd) Papo Red with some black-ish acrylics, which will lead to the search for some dripping, burning acid breath mod.

Man, this is getting dangerous!


Jay said...

Man, you're really on a roll lately!

ATOM said...

That Tiamat piccy is cool! Its from
the D&D cartoon right?

yoyorobbo said...


Hehehe...well I'm having fun with this crap, that's for sure.

My wife is beginning to wonder what all of these "things" are doing piling up in the den. But my kids keep wondering what the next one in that pile will be...ha!

yoyorobbo said...


Yep yep. D&D Saturday morn toon there for sure. As dorky and wrong as it quite often was, I still loved it dearly.

I snagged the box set a couple years back, and coincidentally it came with a Silver Dragon mini (WotC D&D type). I don't think I've posted a shot of that one yet, but I know I took one a week or so ago - another family lineup with that small Silver mini alongside the bigger Silver from WotC. I guess I'll be posting that pic sometime soon too. ;>]

One other cool item that came in the DVD box set was a 3.5-ish styled minibook of the shows characters in character sheet form, with descriptions on stats and gear. I wish it were available in 4e and '81 Moldvay form too. That would rock!

Wow, I babbled a bit there, eh?

So in summary...yes, that Tiamat pic is from the cartoon. ;^}

Jay said...

@yoyo, wait--what? My DVD set came with the RPG adventure but there WASN'T A MINI!!!

You're going to have to post a photo of that!!!

yoyorobbo said...


Yeah, I'll post a pic of that Dragon mini from my D&D Animated DVD box prob bud.

I think it may have been a "Best Buy" exclusive thing. They tend to do quite a lot of those with DVD sets. It was in a plastic tube wrapped up in the packaging with the dvd set.

Juts looking at amazon, without checkin the mini at home for details, I see this Q&A:

exclusive toy at best buy?

Q: anyone know what figure it is?
A: Knights of the Silver Dragon Promo version of the Medium Silver Dragon from Underdark

At any rate, I will post ya a pic of it soon. If I slack, yell at me, ok?

yoyorobbo said...


Ok bro, I got the pic of the promo dragon mini up in a new post here. Hope ya dig it.