Friday, May 1, 2009

"Tarantella" as drawn by Willingham - yeah that's the ticket!

When I posted those pics of some cheap rubber figurines that reminded me of the artistic style of the great Erol Otus, I ended with this scene where a Paladin (at least that's what he is in this particluar scene) was facing off against a giant hideous spider:

The keen eye of Grognardia's James Maliszewski put my spell-checker to shame in noticing my caption in which the Paladin implores "Taste my holy steel, *fowl* arachnid!"

Even after fact, I decided to leave in that flub, as James' vision of a "chicken-spider" still makes me giggle, even just typing about it here.

At any rate, I didn't really have a good Otus pic to pair up with that shot, but I just liked it, so I bunched it the others there. Well it was kina eating at me...I mean, I knew there must be an old-school D&D illustration somewhere, by one of the greats of that time...but where, and by whom?

Tried googling. Failed. Broke out some of the old tomes. Ah-ha! There it was. And so here it is, paired with a reverse-image of my original pic...a wonderful little sketch by the incredible Bill Willingham of a Tarantella:

If that creature name doesn't ring any bells, it may just compell you to dance. Check out it's description in the Monsters section of my favorite D&D ruleset, Moldvay's Basic D&D box set, page B43 (please excuse the photo, it's all I could find, and I don't have a scanner or camera on hand at the moment...oh and I am far too lazy to type it all in here by hand):

So who's dancing? Yeah, me too...for 2d6 turns, as the dreaded Tarantella utters in Tarantellaic (or is that Tarantallaese?), "Bailamos, you *fowl* humanoids!"


ATOM said...

Interesting!That Roslof piece is pretty neat.I love the vibrant Otus style colouring. Willingham's piece is nice too.

crazyred said...

Love you blog, but dude you have to get rid of the audio ad.

yoyorobbo said...


I truly dig them all. Different reason for each, and different works from each artist as well. Just some fun stuff!

yoyorobbo said...

@ crazyred:

OMG! I must admit, I never have my audio on when I hit the blogs...even my own...ha! I had no idea that annoying audio ad was even popping up. I guess I don't scroll down much either...heheh.

Now that you mentioned it, it seems like someone may have tried to tell me in some other comment, but I didn't get their drift then.

I had that game (a weird variation of Rogue, Nethack, etc) loaded a long while back, and never really noticed that they started adding some advertisement to the front end.

Ah well, thanks very much for the kind words on my blog, and thanks for pointing out that dorky advertisement. I just changed it to some (for now) ad-free random map generator thingy. We'll see how that goes.

Too funny though, dude: "Hard water stains?" LOL