Friday, December 26, 2008

Crossbows & Catapults (80 pieces for $10...yes!)

Sa-weet! I've been wanting to get this for myself..err...I mean for my son (he's 4-1/2 y.o. BTW). Well, the good folks at Toys-R-Us plopped a big Clearance sticker on them so from $35 down to $10, I just couldn't look past it any longer.

80 pieces! 80 freakin' pieces!!! 12 or 13 cents a piece...tough to beat that. Of course 25-30 of those will most certainly be lost all throughout our house in a week or two. Ah well.

It became a late add to the Christmas gift pile for him (and me). This late add naturally meant that I had to snag something cool for my little girl too (2-1/2 y.o. little princess that she is). I took a gander in the DVD section there and they had some nice $4 and $5 beauties like episode sets (4-6 eps each) of My Little Pony, Super Mario Bros. Super Show, and Legend of Zelda cartoons from the '80s. Yep, those did just fine. I just mixed 'em up for both of them, she'll dig the MLP, he'll dig the Mario and Zelda (he already has some Zelda do I...ha!):
I'm an '80s kid who's now a many, many others. What can we say?

At any rate, I haven't played C&C in a looooooooooooooooong time (1983 or so?). It looked like this back then:

Those were badass back then, and these new(er) sets look awesome too (IMO). Here's a comparison pic of a few of the dudes:

They (Toys-R-Us) had the expansion sets on sale a month or so back, but now they are all gone from the shelves...bummer.

Here's a few pics I snagged from BoardGameGeek's review (most of these pics in this post are from that article, BTW) on this modern version:
an Orc:

the Orc Hero (check out that severed head in his hand!):

a Knight:

the Knight Hero:

an Orc manning (err...orcing) a catapult:

a Knight readying a crossbow:

These War Chests will probably be $5 tomorrow, but I don't care. This cool-ass game for $10 is and will always be a sweet deal in my mind.

BTW, my son is gonna beat the crap outta me at this, isn't he? Just like this kid here getting ready to PWN his pops (GameBoardGeek pic again):

Man, I can't wait for tomorrow morning!!!!!! Life is good - very, very good.


Swinebread said...

I always wanted that game...

yoyorobbo said...

$10 bro...go get it! ;>]

Reis O'Brien said...

I had the classic game and always loved it. I've been eyeballing the new version for a while. Guess I better get down to Toys-R-Us today! Have fun!

David Larkins said...

My life revolved around C&C back in the day. My friends who lived across the street and I used to combine our sets and have epic battles.

Interesting comparison between the old figures and the new.

yoyorobbo said...

@sirlarkins: Yeah I like both the old and the new figs. I have some old ones left over in my pile of geekness, which I'm sure I will need (want) to mix in with these new guys too. I think I still have the Dragon and/or the Trojan Horse too...err..whatever.

Cool to hear about your massive wars that you and your friends had back in ...well...'83 (or so).