Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wonder Wife, Aquadude, Taz, a dragon or something... oh, and that guy from KISS?

IMO, Halloween is the coolest of all the holidays. So we usually live it up while it lasts. This year my wife decided to make use of a borrowed Wonder Woman costume (free = good). So, purposefully avoiding the typical Superman, Batman, and new to the fold this year (due to the film, of course), Green Lantern, I decided to try quite arguably the lamest Super Friend of them all... Aquadork.


Who'da thought it'd be so hard to find green tights?!? Jeesh! Anyone got a spare pair?

After some fiendish searching, I found a suitable replacement. A pair of green thermals at a Goodwill-ish store: $2... Sold! Two rows over, a too-short, nearly half-shirt, orange top: $3? Sure. Some funky belt up near the checkout: $1? OK. My daughters stuffed sea-horse toy: $0. Hey, I bought it to begin with, right? Oh, and a cardboard cutout uppercase "A" (And yes, I went with the actual letter, not just the more common "carrot sign" - as I figured some of the other party-goers might need all the help they could get).

Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice... Aquadude explains "Look WW, all we need are some tasty waves and a cool buzz, and we'll be fine."

And yes, my wife rocks - flat out RAWKS! So much so, that randomly throughout the night I found myself singing, "You're a wonder, Wonder Woman....!"

OK, now let's talk a second about the hair, shall we? Upon seeing this above nightmarish pose, a friend of mine declared it "reminds me of that show The Greatest American Hero. And it sure does. Doesn't it?

"No, I went like *this*."

See, I have 4 wigs (a meager collection, but hey, I'm working on it), and this was the closest one to Aquadweeb's hair. I like to think that it's sort of a beach-bum, surfer-dude version of the swimmingly.... uhm... swimmer. Now, I do have a much better nu-wave one, a mullet one, and a '70s David Cassidy type (also doubles as a pretty solid Han Solo 'do), but yeah, I guess The Greatest American Hero perm it was.

All in all, it was a successful Halloween par-tay, and I for one can admit that one of my oldest schoolboy fantasies finally came true. Come on fellas, don't tell me you watched Lynda Carter back in the '70s for the plots. Right?

"Up here, bud."

Okie doke, back to whatever it was I was talking about. Right, OK so our kiddos opted for some fun costumes this year too. Here we see "Taz" and either a dragon, a dinosaur, an alligator, or "Yoshi" - depending on which day you ask her. She was "Belle" (of Disney fame) for an earlier neighborhood party, but then decided to get her dragon on for the real deal. Like I was about to stop her.

Proposed cover art for a possible new RPG:
"Dust Devils & Dragons"

With the big night approaching, I needed to figure out what I was going to wear out with them when they went trick-or-treating. I didn't really want to don the Aquabro getup in the cold. I probably would've frozen my ... uhm... gills off!

So, as a last minute alternate costume, I threw together a bunch of previous Halloweens' crap and went with this look:


I successfully frightened several small children, a few dogs, and even one grown man. And I'm fairly certain that a few folks had their eye on me, presuming I was some psycho child-stalker or something. But the craziest reaction was when several different neighborhood trick-or-treaters said, "Hey, it's the guy from KISS!" - Silly kids. So much to learn. Hopefully their folks' will let them watch VH-1 Classic someday.


JB said...

Awesome. Though I think I would have stuck with Aquadude (the seahorse is a fantastic accessory!).

yoyorobbo said...

Thanks, JB! And I really *wanted* to stick with Aquadude, but man.. it was kinda cold here in Meeeeechigan. Plus, I was really only matching up with my wife's costume. THing is, she went as Spongebob, when we took the kids out trick-or-treating, so really Aquaman would've still worked with that. LOL - Hope all is well with you, man. I need to get back on the ol' blogger more often. I bet there's tons of cool stuff to be read on yours. In fact, I might just pop over there now...

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