Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My 5 y.o. Daughter's Mixed Media Cthulhu

Apparently R'lyeh is actually located in the deep end of our backyard pool. Who knew?

She said he was sad (note the tears) because the shark just bit his toes.

Should I be worried? Should I be proud? Or maybe both?

Regardless, I couldn't help but think of this AWESOME video gem I ran across on teh interwebz:

Maybe I should scale back on the Lovecraft bedtime stories. Hmmn....

"Now I lay me down to sleeeeeeeep..."


Or should I not let her keep checking this out from the school library?

Required reading for DND101 - Intro to Sweetness and Badassedness.

I limited wish they allowed that. But again... Nah.

However, it just might be time to break out the dice & minis and the mat & markers again.


BTW, I have to say this twisted... err... gifted artistic trait definitely runs in the family.


Zak S said...

i like that he has toes at all

killing_time said...

My Deities & Demigods had "lasers" shooting out of the guy's eyes. it always looked tacked on but some versions of the book had it others did not.

need to look it up and see if i can't find any history about it.

DevDigs said...

It was my quest also, though I had no predetermined purpose there.

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