Thursday, November 10, 2011

'11 = '81: a music related post which you may or may not dig

I don't usually post about music (which is weird, 'cuz it's a serious passion of mine), but today I felt like doing just that.

If you don't dig this kind of music, it's cool - you don't have to. But I like tons of different genres of music - from jazz to metal; soul to synthpop - and I sure do love me some old school synthpop.

These cats have been doing it for a lonnnnnnnng time, and it seems they are pretty much back in'81 with this new stuff. Which I like.



I decided to post the clean MTV version of "Girls on Film" simply because I don't know for sure the age range of the potential audience here, and the original (official) version gets pretty racy in some parts - and even shows boobies! Oh dear. Anyway, in an effort to keep it somewhat clean here, I went with the censored one. If you want to see the naughty parts, then you'll just have to get your Google-Fu on. It's out there. Or so I've heard. Word on the street. A friend of mine told me he saw it. LOL

Annnnnnnyway... Back in the day, when we rolled the polys on the dining room table, I will admit there really wasn't much Coltrane or Sam Cooke on the "tape player" (although I love them both). But there sure was plenty of Dio, Maiden, and AC/DC - mixed right in with some tracks by The Police, U2, and The Fixx. See our soundtrack was often MTV (or tuneage they would eventually play), and it was almost always on in the background. So along with those acts I just mentioned, you can bet there was a fair share of Duran Duran.

Now I could try to make it seem fitting, like say playing "Hungry Like the Wolf" during a Ravenloft session, or "Planet Earth" during some Gamma World or Star Frontiers. No? How about playing "New Religion" during a crawl through B4 - The Lost City? Still no? LOL - OK, I'll stop.

Although I don't personally know your musical tastes, I sure know mine. And I must say that IMO, new Duran² is pretty much old Duran². And that is pretty much good².


Aaron E. Steele said...


Christopher B said...

Oh yeah? Well how about basing an entire 1E Gamma World adventure on the video for "Wild Boys"? Oooohhh yeahhhh. ;)

Jayson said...

Seriously, I loved how easy it was to extrapolate gaming settings from music videos then.

Theodric the Obscure said...

I think my next evil cult might be named The Union of the Snake...

Unknown said...

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