Thursday, November 18, 2010

Super-cool birthday gifts... from back in '77

I was diggin' through some old photo albums at my folks' house this week, and came across this snapshot in time:

I found several years of birthday pics, including some from back in '81, but this one really caught my eye, especially with some of that suh-weeeet vintage Star Wars swag.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a peek at some of those AWESOME b-day gifts from "a much simpler time."

So let's take stock. From left to right (sorta):
  • a Star Wars marker/coloring poster (with 3-D Vader mask, mind you!)
  • a Dallas Cowboys helmet lamp (I either put 12 or 33 on the back with stickers)
  • a set of 6 "silver" (ok, silver-colored) Hot Wheels cars (these I kept... they're my son's now)
  • an mpc R2-D2 *fully-articulated* model kit
  • a full set of all NFL teams pencils
  • an amt Cuckoo Nest Custom Ford Van model kit
  • an Obsession board game - "The game you can't get enough of!" (Dig that preposition-ending sentence. Nice grammar, babe!)
  • a Skorpion (advanced design street machine) model kit - I guess I got my share of sniffing glue back then, eh?
Sadly, no TSR loot. But then again, the earliest I really got into the likes of D&D, Gamma World and Top Secret was, well... back in '81.


Jay said...

Very cool! That Scorpion is wicked!

Jim Pacek said...

Thanks for posting! Back in '77, I too got the R2-D2 kit. Had a hard time getting the "fully articulated" R2 arm to come out of its slot. :( Also - I had all the NFL pencils too, but I got them one at a time out of a dime pencil machine at school...

Brian Lujan said...

Nice lamp! I used to be a Cowboys fan back in the 70's and I think I had that exact same lamp! I was a big Staubach fan when I was a little kid. When he retired, I couldn't like the Cowboys any more and had to find a new team :(

bliss_infinte said...

Awesome. I too had that Star Wars 3-d coloring thing.

The Lord of Excess said...

Wow ... like a time machine ... I have many pictures with a similar gift array (in a similarly decorated room no less).

Mickymar said...

Wow a photo time capsule! That is just the neatest. Star wars to the cowboys, you scored then and now.

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