Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Live a little, Chewie!

"Gggggaaaarrrrrrrr!!!! Arrrrhhhn!!!!!"

Happy World Wide Wookiee Life Day!

November 17 - And it's my birthday, too. Sorry for the self-promotion - I'm just in a happy mood today, and proud to have made it through another year.

"Me? Old? Hhmmmm...? Think so, I do not."

At any rate, in Chewbacca's honor, tonight I think I'll dig out this old fella from back in '77 (actually, I didn't get mine until '78, IIRC), and school my son on the wonders of late '70s action figure articulation... all four points of it.


The Acrobatic Flea said...

Happy birthday :-) I'm still bathing in the good will of my own annual celebration yesterday! Hooray for Scorpios!

JB said...

: )

yoyorobbo said...

Heya fellas, thanks!

And a reciprocated b-day wish to you!

You're right, Scorps rule! - Especially those old Harryhausen ones, spawned from the blood of Medusa's decap'd head. ;^]

The Lord of Excess said...

Happy B-Day! (belated ... my birthday is the 18th) ... Scorpio Rocks!

Did you find as a kid that this birthday is deceptively awesome ... we often celebrated my birthday on Thanksgiving with the entire extended family. I made out like a bandit on presents :)