Friday, January 13, 2012

Unchained and out on the Mean Street(s) again.

In the wake of some recent (mediocre) tuneage from the yet-again reunited VH/DLR combo, I feel the need to post the following old school masterpiece for your sonic pleasure:

Yep, another long delay between posts, and then on top of that it's another music-related post. I simply haven't gamed in quite some time, or really even dorked around with anything game-related (minis, modules, books, etc). Life: it is what it is. Maybe I should make it a point to bust out the old polys with my boy sometime during this extended weekend. Maybe? Nah. Definitely! As Chris Knight once declared...

"It's a moral imperative!"

Annnnnyway, this classic VH album was in heavy rotation on my boombox, back when I was first introduced to, IMO, the best version of D&D to ever grace the (border)lands: Moldvay's Basic box set.

Pure and utter coolness.

OK, wait a sec. This is starting to get kinda gaming-related; I better stop. LOL - Seriously, gotta go. Have a great one folks. Gonna listen to the jams, while I try to get through this seemingly never-ending Friday at work. Hopefully you'll have a dungeon crawl happening soon, and if so maybe you'll choose to have this amazing *record* as the soundtrack to your maniacal monster killin' and tempestuous treasure lootin'. It sure worked wonders for us back in '81.

They'd be so much cooler with some VH on the boombox.


Cheesesock said...

I have been a VH fan since the early 80s and, although I discovered Fair Warning towards the latter years of the decade, I wholeheartedly concur with your opinion on Fair Warning. You hit the bullseye with that one.

Tex said...

Have a Happy New Year, man!

(hoping to see some more GREAT posts from you this coming year)

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Tex said...


It's been two years since we last heard from you.

Are you okay, man?

I can't be the only one of your Fellow Followers of Foolish Funness who misses you and your posts!

(and HELL YEAH--VH and gaming go together like nitro and glycerine)

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Christopher B said...

Three-and-a-half years since Tex's post, but -- Diito what Text said!!!

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