Saturday, December 25, 2010

Apple. Tree. Close proximity fall. - Star Wars Christmas, vintage-style!

Pretty sure I have a picture of me just like this 30 years ago, with the same present. Vintage Star Wars toys rock!

Grandma&Grandpa bought this one, along with a few figs. Of course, Santa brought some more SW figs and related gear too.

So far I think he has this Imperial Tie Fighter (above), Vader, Luke (Snowspeeder pilot version), Yoda, Darth Maul, Obi Wan (ep III-ish), a Clone Trooper (I could *swear* I told them Sandtrooper - ah well), C-3PO and R2.

Pretty sweet loot! Err.... I mean, for my son, that is. ;^]


JB said...

I always wanted a tie fighter as a kid. One of the few Star Wars gifts never delivered by Santa.

Though I'm not resentful; Santa DID get me a sweet AT-AT one year!

yoyorobbo said...

Su-weet, JB! *Santa* almost brought my boy an AT-AT this year, but those pesky elves were asking too much to build one more. ;^]

Never cared much for elves anyway. Always preferred B/X halflings... and I know you do too.

Merry Christmas, bro!

biopunk said...

I'm like JB, never had the TIE fighter, had the AT-AT.

But the Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder pilot version) was one of my favorite action figures.

I'm sure you... Err... he will have hours of fun with them.

yoyorobbo said...

Dang! biopunk, you and JB were some lucky little dudes! Honestly, I never wanted for anything, really, as a kid... don't get me wrong... lived a charmed life, I will admit, thanks to my folks... but I sure never had an AT-AT.

In fact I never had a TON of SW figs as a kid. Me and my buds would always combine our collections, so we often had a full cast, and I had some faves for sure: Hammerhead (LO, no really), Chewie, a Sand*person*, and a Stormtrooper were prob some of my faves back then.

I still get the old ones (that I still have - not many left, sadly) out so my kiddos can play with them, too. It's kinda cool to mix in the old 4-pt articulation guys with these new ultra-detailed scuplts.

My boy had his Darth Maul fig takinging on Hammerhead, Greedo, Walrus Man, and (short/red uniformed) Snaggletooth. Guess who won. ;^]

Anyway, yeah, *we'll* have lots of fun with my boy's new additions. LOL Thanks, biopunk!

Alexander Man said...

Santa got some Star Wars figs to my four year old son too... As a kid I had tons of SW-figs (well about fifty), but I never got any ships or walkers :( Later, when I got 18-years old or so... I gave all of them to my cousin who was just ten years old... And he shot them all with a BB-gun!!!!!!!!!! I have never recovered from that. I just think how cool it would have been if I saved them for my kids... I still have nightmares!!!

yoyorobbo said...

@Alexander Man: death by BB-gun squad?!?!? Oh, the humanity!!!

Sorry to hear your old figs got that beatdown. But how cool is it that you had so many? 50 figs!?!?!? Niiiiiiice!

Yeah, it's cool to hang on to the old stuff, but sometimes ya just gotta let 'em go too. I wish I would have saved more toys - especially all of those MEGO superheroes and Planet of the Apes figs - miss those guys! (only got a couple of them from back in the day)

Will Errickson said...

Fantastic! I well recall many a vintage Xmas with Star Wars toys... particularly that sweet AT-AT!