Thursday, September 9, 2010

"I was falsely accused of a hideous crime... yada-yada-yada..."

Am I the only one getting totally GEEKED about the new (old) show Nikita? Maybe. Still, be it a remake, a reboot, a reimagining, or even just a regurgitation, I'm usually always a sucker for this crap.

Now, I will admit that there really isn't much "Back in '81"-ish about this show, BUT these types of shows and movies, when done right, can take me back to the days, somewhere in '81-'86, sitting with some buddies around a kitchen table, with this rulebook,

and these dice,

playing through modules like this (or a totally ad-lib'd one),

with slick, bad@$$ dudes and chicks like this:

See, I'm a HUGE fan of the late '90s (-early '00s) La Femme Nikita,

the original French film, subtitles and all,

and even the re...make with my girl Bridget (Point of No Return),

... so this new Nikita might be a total suckfest, but I just HAVE to give it a shot. Tonight at 9 (EST), on The CW... we'll see. OK, now I'd better get back to Section, before they decide to cancel me.


JB said...

You know what I love? Folks who don't post to their blogs for 3 weeks to a month and then come roaring back with a gem like this.

While I'm NOT a fan of Point of No Return, and I may skip the TV show (on account of a B/X game)...I, too, am both a fan of Nikita and 1st edition Top Secret (not necessarily in that order). If Mission Impossible's Tom Cruise is the ultimate TS Investigator, Nikita (and The Cleaner) are the ultimate TS Assassins.

Damn...maybe I'll force my B/X folks to play Top Secret...

THIS is why I keep "Back in '81" on my blog role...inspiration, man!

yoyorobbo said...

Hey, JB, thanks buddy. I know I really became a blog-slug, and I really don't have any excuses. Things, and time allotted for them, priorities and life in general just changed a bit for me. I still try to frequent my favorite blogs (yours totally included) though, as much as I can.

On the Point of No Return thing, I get ya, bud. I really do. It is nowhere near as cool as LFN, or the original French flick. I just have a soft(?) err...huh?... spot for B.Fonda, and it's good enough for me to still dig it. But I absolutely get your opinion on it.

Now on the TS tip, we only dabbled with the original TS, back then. I never played TS/SI, but I have thought about snagging some of the material, as there are tons of it around these parts, in the used books/games/toys stores, etc.

I still have my old rulebook, another copy of it I snagged for $1 somewhere, the gamemaster shield/mini-mod, a few modules, the dossier folder/sheets, and even a few old lead minis, although we never used them for gameplay back then... just sat them out on the table because we liked them. LOL - Oh, and a coupel of my old char sheets too. Although some of those are just on notebook paper, not like that is out of line for that time, eh? Those homebrewed charsheets sometimes are the best - little doodlings on the edges, odd notes, scribbled all over them, etc. IMO, at least.

Oh, and I have some really nice TS stuff from the pages of old Dragon mags. In fact, I *just* picked up a few more old issues, from... wait for it... wait for it... back in '81 (and '82)... at a local used game/book shop. $1 a piece - I couldn't refuse filling in my collection some more.

So do you really think you'll get your gaming group to play some oldschool TS? That would ROCK! And I would love to hear about it on your blog, buddy!

Again, thanks for the kind words. I know I'm a slacker compared to a lot of you guys, but I appreciate the fact that you still keep me around, juusssssst in case I tap-tap on the keyboard. ;^]