Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bedrock as a sandbox? Or just a one-shot through Uncle Giggles' haunted house?

First things, first: Happy 50th Anniversary to "the modern stone age family!"

Yep, 50 years, folks. Wow! Or maybe more relevant: "Yabbbbbba Dabbbbbbba Dooooooo!" Now, The Flintstones may not be totally RPG/D&D/etc-related, or even really Back in '81-ish (although I know for sure I was still watching them back then, everyday, after school, so we'll count it, right?

Having some fun with the Flintstones thing this morning I couldn't help but think about Bedrock as a place for a group of adventurers to discover, or even to roleplay the main characters through some sort of scenario. There certainly were many episodes where we got to enjoy the adventures of Fred & Barney. They were always getting themselves into some sort of trouble.

One in particular that makes me think RPG was the episode called "A Haunted House Is Not A Home." This creepy joint could make for some fun times in any sort of haunted house session - you pick the game/ruleset. I mean seriously, check out some of those traps to disable and dark rooms to explore. Also, dig that sweet "switchbladed" axe at the end of the clip - first it's a Hand Axe then it's a Battle Axe!

If that doesn't feel quite right, then maybe float the Lost World/Hollow World/Savage Worlds type of boat and either mix in the 'stones and some of their gadgets (i.e. artifacts?), or maybe just the setting of Bedrock itself. Sound crazy? Yeah. Stupid? Possibly. Fun? Who knows. I'd give it a whirl, just to find out. In fact maybe I'll have some Flintstones-inspired quick&EZ RPG fun with my kiddos later today. After all it is their anniversary, for Dino's sake!

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Vic Sage said...

Sir, you run the game and I'll roll a character for it! It might be nice to see how Dwarf would react to all that stone in Bedrock. :)