Wednesday, June 17, 2009

B4 - The Lost City boxer shorts?!?!?

Oh the humanity!

My apologies for not yet posting the follow-up to my romp through M1 - Blizzard Pass. I still have to get the audio sorted from my son's run through it. If it doesn't work out, I'll just summarize the session. Kinda like ending one season with a cliff-hanger, and then having the show canceled. I suck, I know. Sorry. It'll be up soon.

Anyway, I was cleaning up my hard drive here and found a saved pic of the awesome cover art for module B4 - The Lost City captured on the front of a 3/4-sleeve concert jersey. Now that is freakin' cool, eh?

How appropriate. Setting the way-back machine to 1982...anyone wanna come along?

Well, I am a huge fan of basically all of the old Basic/Expert D&D and 1st ed AD&D artists, and Jim Holloway's works are most certainly some of my faves. His awesome art is a constant source of inspiration for gaming, blogging, and just plain fantasizing in general.

On top of that, B4 is an incredible module, loved by many. Of course Tom Moldvay deserves most of the credit for that affection, but Jim's artwork helps solidify B4 as one of my (and numerous other players'/DMs') favorite D&D modules.

From the home page at you can find the link featuring his work on t-shirts, mugs, and stuff. The first one you'll see is the B4 cover, but you can get several other Holloway D&D/AD&D gems at this site too. Heck maybe I should snag this one too. It's the absolute inspiration I used when imagining Beechum, the halfling I played in JimLotFP's recent online Labyrinth Lord game. I'm not kidding when I say I had that illo printed out right next to my PC. Maybe a golf shirt version would be best. That way I can get away with wearing it to work. Business Casual? Sure.

So if you dig Holloway (and if you don't, you should), and especially if you dig B4, then head on over there and snag a jersey or a coffee mug...maybe even a wall calendar. Oh and don't forget the boxers! If you need any further prodding, check out the item description on the site:

"Enjoy the roomy comfort of our sexy boxers as underwear or sleepwear. They're 100% cotton, open fly for thinking outside the boxers. Boxers, because you don't want to be brief."

You may wanna hurry up though, as it looks like a few of these guys might be needing a new pair soon enough too. I know I sure would.

Ohhh @#$%!!!


Rex Venom said...

On the undies!
Rock on

Robo said...

My favorite is his St. Cuthbert. I'm think I'm going to get everything from boxers to wall clock.

E.G.Palmer said...

Are you following the Jim Holloway art thread on Dragonsfoot? I check in there often, and Deogolf is always putting up new stuff from Jim.

yoyorobbo said...

@Rex Venom:

Thank God they don't sell a thong!

Or do they? ;^]

yoyorobbo said...


I love that illo too. I recall seeing that back in '82 (Dragon #67 in an article on the deities and demigods of Greyhawk). Great drawing. Great choice!

Get ready to explain that wall-clock though...hehe. What a conversation piece it will be.

yoyorobbo said...


I am not following that thread...or at least I *was* not. I will be heading there ASAP though. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

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