Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My *first* D&D character

My *first* D&D character (D&D Basic Set and Expert Set, with a little 1st ed AD&D tossed in (Monster Manual, etc), from "back in '81" (8th grade?):

class: Fighter
race: Lizard-man (even though that was total BS for that ruleset (Moldvay/Cook B/X)...ha!)
dunno...wish I could remember that, tho

We pretty much just either rolled up random encounters and killed crap, or rolled thru some of the early pre-gen modules, with me, my buddy, his younger brother, and one or two other neighborhood kids.

I had several different characters in that little stint including that Lizard-man Fighter, a Human Magic-User, and an Elf (old-school Fighter/MagicUser naturally mutliclass'd "Class", not just "Race"..hehe). We liked to mix things up a bit, depending on who was DM-ing and what we felt like doing at the time.

The Lizard-man thing was...well....silly. The idea was born in my nutty 8th grade head, based on a *lead* figure from one of the Grenadier AD&D sets, of some Lizard-folk. He was a badass looking Warrior from that tribe or whatever, and had some cool looking bone necklace and crap like that on...oh, and a sword. Still have that mini, BTW, along with about 5 or 6 boxes of others from that era. We used to put quite a bit of effort into painting them and crap. Anyway, my character used that mini, but he really only had typical Human Fighter stats/abilites, etc. Nothing Lizard-like, besides the ability to speak with other Lizard-folk..hehe. It was mainly for roleplaying having fun breakin the rules, right?

Memories of "The Keep on the Borderlands", "The Isle of Dread" (mainly because those two came with the box sets), and "Temple of Death" (yay! allowance money put to good use!).

Other faves during this time and later on into the high-school era, include: "Castle Amber," " The Lost City," "Palace of the Silver Princess," "the slavers (A) series," "the S series - Tomb of Horrorrs, Barrier Peaks, White Plume, etc," "Ghost Tower of Inverness," "the Giants series," "the Drow/Underdark/DemonwebPit series," and who could ever forget good ole "The Village of Hommlet"...ha!